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Age: 29   Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA  Gig: Entrepreneur 
Follow her: @nataliekfitness

Natalie is on a mission to erase the word “perfect” from our vocabulary—perfect body, perfect meal plan, perfect workout regimen. By coaching women to take care of themselves first, Natalie says, “I want women to learn to shed the layers of everything they think they have to be, so they can see what’s most important to them, and what makes them uniquely strong.” Through habit building, learning to be vulnerable, disciplined, and resilient, Natalie’s program encourages women to break through societal pressure to align with their truest, most radiant selves. 

“There’s greatness in all of us, we just have to believe it.”

Natalie recognizes that movement is a powerful player when it comes to mindset, and she turns to various forms depending on what she’s craving: Strength and power in weightlifting, resilience through long-distance running, pure joy while dancing. Through leading by example, she’s become the best coach she can be, and her ultimate motivation is to trailblaze a path for women who might think themselves undeserving of greatness.
“I work relentlessly to empower women. With physical training and habit implementation, I watch them gain an entirely new perspective on life.”

Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea is a Toronto-based editor and writer, penning everything from investigative reports to inspiring profiles. She’s the current Associate Editor of Strategy Magazine.