Rebecca Kordecki

Age: 55  Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA Gig: Trainer & Motivational Speaker  
Follow her: @rebeccakordecki

Part badass, part spirit junkie, Rebecca’s on a mission to get the best of both worlds, and preach to everyone who will listen. “Some fitness buffs think if they meditate, they’ll go 'soft,'" she says. “But I’m way more connected in my workouts now than before I started exploring breathwork.” A former fitness competitor, Rebecca’s focus is now on the mind-body experience, and she begins each day with what she calls the “RK Tune-Up,” a routine of breathwork, meditation, gratitude recall, affirmations, and movements that get her heart rate up.

Rebecca believes in listening to your body, especially when it comes to fitness, whether that means a gentle yoga class, boxing, or running barefoot on the beach (a soul-refreshing favorite of hers). But for Rebecca, health also includes stimulating her mind with reading, brain games, and learning new skills that keep her sharp. And don’t even think about interrupting her sleep schedule. “I need my eight hours or I’m grumpy!” she says. She’s currently re-formatting her Booty Slide workout into a digital download so you can get your workout in no matter where you are, and launching a mind, body, and soul transformation program, set for 2020. 

Chelsea Clarke
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