Photo by Ty Pleas

AGE: 37    LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA   
GIG: Fitness Entrepreneur    FOLLOW HER: @t2_tasha

“Despite my body not being the typical ‘fitness magazine physique,’ I’ve helped over 4000 men and women to become healthier,” says Tasha. A fitness trainer with 10 years experience under her belt and her own personal success story of a 100-lb weight loss, Tasha’s goal was never to be a size two, but instead, to simply begin living. She found empowerment and a sense of purpose at the gym, and it changed everything for her. The confidence she gained led her to ditch her low-self esteem and unfulfilling job and start up her own fitness studio, which is now entering its eighth year of business.

 “The self-confidence I found in the gym allowed me to
help not only myself, but also everyone around me.”

Tasha’s motivation comes from remembering past accomplishments, and encouraging her clients to do the same—especially if they’re feeling down on themselves. “From losing and maintaining my weight to owning my own home, I remind myself of the risks I’ve taken. Through it all, I’m still standing, and I still have a strong sense of urgency for more life,” she says. While boosting morale in this way, Tasha also recognizes that her real approach to fitness and body types changes what it means to make health accessible to her clients, who look to her for trust and inspiration while working towards their own goals.

Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea is a Toronto-based editor and writer, penning everything from investigative reports to inspiring profiles. She’s the current Associate Editor of Strategy Magazine.