Photo by Michael Tenaglia Photography

Age: 41    Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada     Gig: Trainer & Health Coach
Follow her: @bodyenvy1

As a teenager, Trudie remembers being inspired by Angela Bassett’s wicked arm strength in the movie, What’s Love Got to Do with It? (us, too!). When she picked up a set of dumbbells to achieve sculpted delts of her own, the transformation she saw in her body ignited a lifelong love of fitness, and ultimately, her future career in the industry. “Most women think they need a gym membership to see results, but I teach them that they don’t,” says Trudie. And in fact, it was this very principle in Trudie’s training that allowed her to revel in the opportunity to exercise at home when the pandemic had locked out so many of us from the gym. 

Trudie embodies health and fitness as a lifestyle—not as something that’s implemented just because you have a bikini to fit into or a wedding to attend. “Those reasons are fine, and can even be fun in the short term,” she begins. “But fitness is something that keeps us strong and healthy so we can be there for the people we care about.” Trudie’s philosophy includes movement that feels good such as dancing, hiking, and yoga, and all foods in moderation. And in her case, that’s her beloved glass of Moscato.

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