Valerie Solomon

AGE: 32
LOCATION: Fort Meade, MD
GIG: Mom of Four
SPORT: Fitness

Super Mom:
With a household of four boys to manage, this army wife’s philosophy is
“Living fit, despite my crazy life.”

And she does just that. In 2011, when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan for another year, she vowed to get serious about training. “One of the hardest things about being an army wife is to do things to make every day count, even while you’re wishing the days away,” she says.

She signed up for a fitness competition to keep her accountable to her goals and landed first place in her class. She’s continued to compete, never placing outside of the top three.

Today, her balance of life and fitness inspires more than 30,000 mothers through her Busy Mom Gets Fit page on Facebook.

“I want to live as an example to other military wives that we can be complete, even when our loved ones are away.”

Photo by Gustavo Alfaro Photography

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