Lindsay Audet

AGE: 49
LOCATION: North Vancouver, BC
GIG: Administrative Assistant
SPORT: Figure
Mother & Warrior: For Lindsay, age has never been something that she’s let get in her way. She’s been killing it in the gym since she was 20 years old and today, at 49, she’s a fierce figure competitor, training up to six days a week. She uses her goal of exposing women her age to the world of fitness as a source of motivation. “The older I get the more I understand, desire and appreciate being fit and healthy,” says Lindsay, who balances her demanding training schedule with being a mom and career woman. “There is a desperate need for age appropriate role models in women’s fitness.”
When she’s not competing, she maintains her champion mindset to keep her focused in and out of the weight room, even on the hard days. “If it’s a tough training session, I take it one set at a time, and sometimes it’s one rep at a time, until I suddenly find myself in the zone,” she says. “I have learned that I am a much stronger woman than I ever thought I was.”

Photo by Paul Buceta

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