Rachel Emry

AGE: 30
LOCATION: Wimberley, TX
GIG: Personal Chef/Business Owner
SPORT: Fitness
Fit Fighter: Rachel is the kind of woman that excels at whatever she puts her mind to. At just 19, she graduated from the Texas Culinary Academy to follow her dream of becoming a chef, and a few years later, she added group class instructor to her repertoire, pursuing her love of fitness. Before long, teaching classes just wasn’t enough, so she delved into personal training and began learning the self-defense system Krav Maga on the side, immersing herself in intensive training. Today she co-owns two Krav Maga fitness studios with her fiance, while still maintaining her business as a personal chef, specializing in Paleo cuisine.
When it comes to staying fit, she uses a combination of techniques, including kettlebells and Pilates, but when she can, she’s all about taking it outdoors. “I’m not above lacing up and hitting the trails when stress is trying to get the best of me,” says Rachel. “There’s nothing that will lift my mood faster than getting in a good sweat session.”

Photo by John Conroy

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