Joanyett Mays

AGE: 43
GIG: Registered Nurse
SPORT: Running
Road Warrior: In 2009, Joanyett was severely overweight at 250 pounds and very depressed. “I had just lost my mother to lung cancer and my 17-year marriage fell apart soon after,” she says. “I was a single mother of three boys. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I was drinking heavily.” With the help of her youngest sister who gave her courage to train for a 5K, Joanyett started making major life changes to help save her own life. “At that time I could barely finish a course without walking, but over the years my best time for a 5K has been 32 minutes and my best time for a half marathon has been 2:32.” She’s also joined several running groups to help keep her motivated and recently ran the Surf City Marathon in February.
But her goals go beyond just hitting the road and racing. “I’d also like to be on stage by the age of 45,” says Joanyett, “not just to receive a pro card, but to be able to reach other African American women who suffer from obesity and depression.”
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