Mimi Zumwalt

AGE: 53
GIG: Orthopaedic Surgery/Sports Medicine Prof
SPORT: Tri-Fitness Challenge

TRUE CHAMPION: Mimi Zumwalt has been overcoming obstacles her whole life. At age 11, she was evacuated from her home in war-torn Vietnam and sent to the US where she was adopted by her foster father and started a new life. Despite not speaking English and being subjected to racial and cultural discrimination, she was determined to live the American Dream. Fast forward years later, and Mimi found herself in medical school, studying to become a surgeon, which is also where she found fitness. “I started working out to relieve medical school stress and found that fitness is the foundation of youth,” she says.

That outlet for stress evolved into a passion that would continue to beat at the heart of her professional and personal life. Today, this 53-year-old mother of two holds several health and fitness certifications, as well as the title of reigning champion in the Over 40 and Over 50 categories in the Tri-Fitness World Challenge, a hybrid obstacle course/bodybuilding competition held each year in Florida.

Not only was she inducted in the Tri-Fitness Hall of Fame for competing more times than any athlete (more than 25 competitions in total), but Mimi is also a volunteer doctor for the event. “Now in my 50’s I’m in the best shape of my life,” she says. “My charge is to continue inspiring
others to fight for success and overcome any obstacle to achieve their own American Dream as well.”

Photo Thomas Oed

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