Robyne Roveccio

AGE: 50
LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ
GIG: Realtor
SPORT: Figure
Fierce at 50: No matter how many times you’ve heard it, age really is just a number—and women like Robyne Roveccio are proving it every day. Robyne found fitness later in her life, and crushed all obstacles with no excuses. A full-time realtor and figure competitor, Robyne began bodybuilding in her mid-40s, eventually earning her IFBB Pro Card at age 48. And although her career demands a lot of commitment, she still makes time to train intensely up to five days a week with a mix of weights and cardio. Even though she had been active her whole life, including working as a fitness and yoga instructor at one point, it wasn’t until much later that she decided to change her outlook about getting older.
Today there’s no question that she has an age-positive attitude, however she admits that when she first started in the industry she was held back by her own limiting beliefs about age. “I thought I was too old and that my seven knee surgeries would prevent me from training to compete,” says Robyne. “But I did a lot of personal growth and, at the age of 42, I set a goal to be on stage competing in Figure. I won my class and never looked back.”

Photo Isaac Hinds

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