Barbecue Salmon & Mango Kabobs Recipe by Cassy Joy Garcia, Cooking with fish and seafood doesn't have to be complicated. A nice cut of quality salmon, ripe mango, and fresh...

Easy Asian Salmon Nori Wraps

Make lunchtime fun again with these insanely healthy and delicious wraps.

Pesto Barley with Broccolini & Sausage

This post-workout meal is high in protein, complex carbs, antioxidants and fiber.

3 Easy Vegan Desserts for Chocolate Lovers Photos by Sarah Safarian, Craving something sweet, and only chocolate will do? Head to the kitchen and whip up one of these vegan and gluten-free...

Agave-Roasted Figs & Parsnips with Rosemary

Stuck in a side-dish rut? Break out of the same ol’ broccoli-and-rice routine with this sweet idea for roasted figs and parsnips.

Vegan Sweet Potato Noodles in Butternut Curry Sauce

There are few flavors as warming and comforting as curry.
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Spaghetti Squash Fritters With Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Low carb and loaded with potassium, these tasty fritters are delicious at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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Grain-Free Cinnamon Waffles Recipe & Photo by Laura Lea Goldberg Craving something different for breakfast? Break out the waffle maker and whip up these toasty, wholesome waffles from...

Lean & Mean Shepherd’s Pie

When it comes to comfort foods, it doesn't get more classic than shepherd's pie. Something about those steamy layers and aromatic spices that remind you of your grandmother's kitchen...
Barley, Cauliflower & Almond Risotto

Barley, Cauliflower & Almond “Risotto”

Whether you lean toward a low-carb diet or you're just trying to cram more veggies into your life, cauliflower is a satisfying substitute for, well, just about anything.

3 Meals That Help Fight the Flu

When it comes to your immune system, being an active woman can work for you or against you. Research shows that regular sweat sessions...

Brussels Sprouts with Capers, Golden Raisins & Pine Nuts

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Rabin  | Photography by Paul BucetaPeople who love Brussels sprouts really, really love them. And we can...

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Honey Roasted Chestnuts and Herb Oil

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Rabin | Photography by Paul BucetaThere isn't anything more comforting in the cooler months than a hearty soup. Especially...

4 Fall Superfood Recipes

Comfort Foodies, listen up: This time of year brings on hearty meals bursting with rich seasonal flavors, and if you play your cards right,...

Salmon Poke Bowl with Pickled Cucumbers Recipe and Food Styling by Michelle Rabin If you haven't tried poke, you don't know what you're missing. Pronounced “poh-keh,” this traditional Hawaiian dish has...

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