If you’re looking for a smoothie recipe that truly fits the “health drink” profile, sip on this. With detoxifying ingredients and clean, complex carbs, it’s ideal as a small meal any time of day. At just 120 calories per serving, and 140 percent of your daily vitamin C intake, it fits nicely into any meal plan you might have going on. Other benefits to this veggie-packed elixir? It has a good dose of potassium, folate and fiber.
Tip: Drink this along with an extra glass of water to help reap the detoxifying benefits.

Cantaloupe-Veggie Smoothie

Makes 3 servings
1 ½ cups water
2 cups cantaloupe, diced
½ banana
2 carrots, halved
1 tomato
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Nutrients per serving (13 fl oz):
Calories: 120, Fat: 0 g, Carbs: 29 g
Protein: 3 g, Fiber: 4 g
Recipe by Holly Michaels, RD, Marketing Dietitian for Blendtec
Photography by Paul Buceta
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