Recipe by Michelle Lentz, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Photo by sriba3 –

Sweet Black Cherry Freeze

Makes 3 servings

1. Place 1 cup cottage cheese, frozen cherries, protein powder, pure maple syrup, and vanilla extract in a good quality blender or food processor.

2. Pulse and push mixture down to keep mixing. This may take a few times to get it to mix.

3. Divide equally between 3 bowls.

4. Store in the fridge, or freeze for 1 hour before eating for a frozen dessert.

Nutritional Facts (per serving):

Calories 148, Fat 1g, Carbs 20.2g, Protein 15.7g, Sugars 17.5g, Sodium 286.6mg, Fiber 1.5g

Michelle Lentz believes “healthy” isn’t necessarily being skinny; it’s having more energy, fueling your body to feel your best, and taking care of the body you were blessed with. As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, she’s helped families, teens, sports teams, fitness trainers, the elderly, cancer clients, doctors, naturopaths, and dieticians all heal through proper nutrition that becomes a lifestyle.

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