Recipe by Michelle Rabin    Photo by Paul Buceta

If you were gifted an Instant Pot for Christmas and it's still sealed safely in its box, it's time to open it up! This easy tool is as essential to your weekly meal prep (and sanity) as Tupperware, and this time-saving porridge recipe will get you pumped to use your pot. 

A combo of protein-rich grains, fresh seasonal berries and a hint of sweetness, this warm cereal is the breakfast of champions. Loaded with iron, fiber, vitamin E, and energy-sustaining complex carbohydrates, it will satisfy your morning appetite and keep you going until lunch. 

Ancient Grain Porridge with Fresh Berries & Almonds

Prep Time: 5 minutes  •  Total Time: 20 minutes (not including time for the pot to build and release pressure)  •  Makes 6 servings

½ cup millet
½ cup quinoa
½ cup steel cut oats
¼ cup chia seeds
3 cups cashew milk (or almond milk), plus more for serving 
½ cup unsweetened applesauce
½ cup honey
1 cup fresh berries
¾ cup sliced almonds (or nut of choice)

1. To avoid sticking, lightly coat the inner pot of your Instant Pot with coconut oil or cooking spray.

2. Add millet, quinoa, oats, and chia seeds into the Instant Pot followed by cashew milk, applesauce, and honey. Stir to combine.

3. Secure the lid and close the vent.

4. Press the Manual button and set to 7 minutes.

5. After the porridge is finished cooking, allow the pressure to release naturally (about 10-15 minutes).

6. After the pressure releases, open the lid and stir. Extra liquid will absorb as it cools.

7. Divide porridge into bowls and garnish with fresh berries and almonds 

Tip: You can keep porridge in refrigerator for three days. Add extra nut milk when reheating.

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