Add a taste of the exotic to supper tonight, without breaking a sweat – or stopping at
the supermarket.
This easy dish uses ingredients already stashed in your kitchen and goes from stovetop to table in just 35 minutes. Serve over quinoa, or wrap it in a whole wheat pita for a
meal on the go.

Moroccan Chicken with Carrots, Spinach & Raisins

Prep Time: 10 min  •  Total Time: 35 min
Makes 4 servings
1 can (9.6 oz) reduced-sodium, fat-free chicken broth
1 Tbsp ground cumin
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp crushed red pepper flakes
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp garlic, minced
1 small onion, chopped
2 cups sliced carrots, fresh or frozen
3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into bite-sized cubes
1/3 cup jumbo raisins
3 cups spinach, fresh or frozen
Fresh ground pepper to taste
1. Heat a pan over medium-high heat and pour in chicken broth.
2. Stir in cumin, paprika, red pepper flakes, cinnamon and garlic, followed by the onion. Simmer for 1-2 minutes.
3. Reduce heat to medium and add carrots, chicken and raisins. Cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
4. Add spinach and continue to cook, stirring until spinach is wilted, approx. another 2 minutes.
5. Season with freshly ground pepper and serve on it’s own, or over top of quinoa, bulgur or rice if desired.
Nutrients per serving (1 ¾ cups):
Calories: 261, Fat: 2 g, Carbs: 21 g
Fiber: 3 g, Protein: 35 g
Recipe by Janice de Boer, RD  |  Photo by Paul Buceta
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