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Mentally and physically, hospitals are a high-stress work environment. That’s true even under the best of circumstances—and 2020 was definitely not the best of circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, health professionals found their stress levels redlining in ways they’d never expected. 

Gabriela (Gabby) Gorbet is a registered respiratory care practitioner at the Houston Medical Center. Working full-time at Texas Children’s Hospital in the neo-natal intensive care unit, she loves what she does.

“This is my dream job” she says. “Providing care is exciting and fulfilling. But it’s also demanding, especially in the NICU, where you’re responsible for a lot of patients, none of whom can communicate. You really feel the stress.”

Stress intensified last year as several of Gabby’s co-workers became affected by the virus, translating to longer hours with smaller staff. To fight stress and maintain both health and sanity, she hit the gym—hard.

Pumping Up to Wind Down

To manage her stress levels, Gabby began bodybuilding part-time. Her training regimen was three hours a day, with intense cardio in the morning and strength training after her work shift. 

In the end, she did a lot more than work off her stress. She also achieved placing in her height class at the 2020 San Antonio Classic bodybuilding competition. 

As impressive and rewarding as this experience was for Gabby, it also revealed an imbalance. “As a competitive bodybuilder, it’s important to focus on both the physical and mental aspects of your lifestyle,” she says. “That means making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need, along with enough sleep, and having a great attitude along the way. When you’re busy, it can be challenging to give your body and mind what they need.”

Filling in the Gaps

High-intensity workouts combined with a high-pressure job posed a challenge to Gabby’s life balance. To address these deficits, she turned to the THRUit™ 3-Step Regimen, the first and only regimen for health, mood, and sleep. 

For Gabby, getting adequate nutrients was an obvious goal. Studies have shown that dietary deficiencies can be common among athletes who restrict their food. Among these athletes, bodybuilders included, some of the vitamins most likely to be deficient are folate, B6, B12, and E. The Adult Multivitamin Gummies supplement nutritional gaps and support overall health. Taken twice per day, they include vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12, along with folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, iodine, zinc, and sodium.  

The Mood Support capsules help restore balance and alleviate mood. Taken once or twice per day with meals, they feature a powerful blend of natural and herbal supplements, including ashwagandha root, GABA, chamomile flower, and 5-HTP.

The Premium Broad Spectrum Oil is a THC-free cannabidiol, extracted from organically grown hemp in Texas to aid a good night’s sleep. Also containing sunflower lecithin and rosemary extract, it won’t get you “high” or cause you to fail a drug test.

An effective anti-inflammatory, CBD oil is frequently used by athletes to relieve soreness and muscle aches caused by high-intensity fitness routines. Gabby will sometimes take the Premium Broad Spectrum Oil as a tincture, or rub it directly on her skin to ease tightness.

The THRUit™ 3-Step Regimen gives Gabby everything she needs in one convenient package. “The multivitamin helps supplement my nutritional gaps. Mood Support, I’ll take during the day to help restore and keep my mind calm. Then, right before bed, I’ll take the Premium Broad Spectrum Oil, which helps with post-workout soreness and helps me sleep like a baby,” she says.

The Power to Achieve

“THRUit has given me the strength to take on life’s challenges,” says Gabby. “The regimen has given me the structure to break problems down one at a time instead of feel overwhelmed by them. Life is more manageable and balanced.”

Convenient and fast, the THRUit™ 3-Step Regimen has provided Gabby all the essential vitamins and minerals she needs to perform at her best. Currently, she is training for the NPC Texas Classic in August, where she hopes to win the overall. 

Her advice to others trying to balance a busy life with big dreams? “Don't ever give up and don’t let anything stop you from going after your goals. You can #GetThruIt!"

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