Medicine Ball

Routine and Model: Rita Catolino, Fitness Model, Coach and Trainer
Photography by Paul Buceta | Hair & Makeup by Alexandra Smith

Get a full-body resistance workout without a gym.

We know you love the pump from hitting the iron, but don’t underestimate the body-sculpting power of the medicine ball. Versatile and portable, these old school fitness tools allow your body to move with a fluid, full-range motion while still creating enough resistance to build lean muscle.

This circuit promises to deliver a tough workout by incorporating compound movements that hit all of your muscle groups, plus cardio components like high reps and slams. The less rest you take between exercises, the higher the intensity and calorie burn. Add this routine to your workout a couple of times a week to compliment your heavy lifting program.

How to: Do this workout as a circuit, performing one exercise after the other for 15-20 reps each, with little rest in between. Repeat the entire sequence for a total of 3-5 rounds, depending on your fitness level.


  • At least one medicine ball (Use 2-3 medicine balls of various weights to increase or decrease the intensity when needed.)

Set up: Stand holding the ball in front of your chest, with feet shoulder-width apart.

Action: Lower into a squat while extending your arms and pushing the ball away from your body. Hold for a second, then return to the starting position and repeat.

Squat Forward Press

Set up: Get into a push-up position with one hand on the medicine ball.

Action: Perform one push-up, then roll the ball under your chest to the opposite hand. Repeat on the other side. Continue alternating for all reps.

Push Up Roll Through

Set up: Stand holding the ball in front of you and shift your weight onto your left leg.

Action: Hinge from the hips and lower the ball towards the floor, raising your right leg behind you until it is parallel with the floor (a). Touch the ball down to the left of your right foot (b), then in front of your foot, and finally to the right of your foot. Raise your torso back up, lifting your right knee (c). That’s one rep. Continue for all reps, then repeat on the opposite leg.

unilateral deadlift

Set up: Holding the ball, lie on your back with legs straight and arms extended overhead.

Action: Contract your abs and simultaneously raise your right leg while bringing the ball over to meet your shin. Lower back down, then repeat on other leg. Continue alternating for all reps.


Set up: Stand holding the medicine ball in front of you with both hands.

Action: Take a large step forward and lower into a lunge while rotating your core away from your front leg. Bring your leg back to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating for all reps.

Trainer Tip: To make this move harder, do them as walking lunges.

Lunge and Twist

Set up: Stand holding the ball in front of you with feet shoulder-width apart.

Action: Extend your arms overhead while coming up on your toes, then explosively throw it into the ground as hard as you can. Squat down to retrieve it and repeat for all reps.

Ball Slam

Set up: Stand holding the ball in front of your chest with feet placed wide apart, toes turned out slightly.

Action: Lower into a deep squat, keeping your knees in line with your toes (a). As you rise back up to standing, extend your arms to raise the ball straight overhead (b). Immediately lower back into a squat. Repeat for all reps.


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