Routine and Model: Rita Catolino, Fitness Model, Coach and Trainer | Photography by Paul Buceta

The holidays have come and gone but if you’re still feeling a little extra bulky from December’s decadence, this circuit workout is just the butt-kicking you need to get back to the top of your game. It may only take less than half an hour, but you’ll get complete conditioning and a metabolism boost in one. It calls upon large and stabilizer muscles to maximize metabolic output and increase caloric burn. It also raises your post-exercise oxygen consumption, which means your body will have to work harder post-workout to return to a pre-workout state. Stick with this routine over the next four weeks, in conjunction with a solid weight lifting and nutrition program, and melt winter weight while strengthening your cardiovascular system.

How to: Set your timer for 25 minutes. Do the circuit as many times through as you can with little to no rest. Each time you do the circuit, record how many sets you perform and try to beat that number the next time.



1-2 times per week for a month.

    You might have to decrease the weights as you progress through the time.

Reps: 10 per side

Set up: Holding a kettlebell in your left hand, stand in front of a bench with feet together. Extend your arm to raise the kettlebell straight up.

Action: Place your right foot on the bench (a). Press firmly into your heel as you step up, extending your left leg behind you, contracting the glute muscle (b). Slowly lower your left leg, followed by the right. Complete all reps, then switch sides.Kettle Bell Step Up

Reps: 15 per side

Set up: Squat down and grasp the kettlebell handle with one hand, using an overhand grip (a).

Action: Bend your elbow to pull the kettlebell off the floor and extend your legs (b). As you extend, “drag” the kettlebell upwards in front of your body, rotating your wrist and thrusting it straight upwards when it reaches shoulder height (c). Reverse the motion to lower, and repeat for all reps, then switch sides.

Unilateral KB Snatch

Reps: 15 per side

Set up: Get into a plank position with your feet on the bench, laces down. Bend your right knee and lift your foot off the bench, keeping your core engaged (a).

Action: Initiate the movement by lowering your chest towards the ground and bending your elbows (b). Hold, then contract your hamstring and straighten your leg to return to the starting position.

Knee Extension

Use any skipping style you’re comfortable with. If you trip the rope, just keep going!


Reps: 10 per side

Set up: Get into a lunge with the right foot in front and place your palms on the floor by the inside of your foot, approximately shoulder-width apart.

Action: Press into your palms and quickly switch legs by jumping your left foot in front and extending the right leg back. Continue alternating for all reps.

Low Lunge Jumps

Reps: 10 per side

Set up: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, holding the kettlebell in your right hand between your legs (a).

Action: Thrust your hips forward, extending your knees, to swing the kettlebell up to chest height. Raise your other hand to grab the kettlebell handle while it’s in the air and switch hands (b). Continue alternating arms for all reps.

Kettle Bell Swing

    Ideally, combine this workout with a heavy lifting day to get max metabolism boost.

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