Routine by Jaclyn Phillips, CPT, Head Coach Team Strong Girls, Master Trainer, RYT 300, PN1, Movement Expert   
Lead Photo by Paul Buceta
Workout Photography by Bradley Tillotson

You don’t have to get into the ring to get into kickboxing. Training for this combat sport, which is popular around the world for competition and self-defence, can also be a fun and effective way to change up your regular fitness routine. Especially when you’re looking for a new total body workout. Kickboxing can help to strengthen and tone your legs, arms, glutes, back, and core simultaneously. So, grab a dumbbell and follow along to this workout that includes a handful of moves that will have you feeling stronger, in body and mind, in just five minutes.

How To: Set a timer and perform 40 seconds of each movement, resting 20 seconds between movements (just enough time to catch your breath and go hard into the next movement).

Equipment Needed: A dumbbell.

Side Lunge to Overhead Press

Start in a neutral position, with feet together. Holding a dumbbell in one hand, take a big step directly out to the side (about two to three feet depending on your height/leg length), push hips back and bend the knee to drop into a side lunge. Keep the dumbbell in the centerline of your body as you drive through the heel and outside of the foot to return to standing position. Then, press the dumbbell overhead (on the same side), and return to your starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Alternating Squat to Front Kick

Starting with feet hip-width apart, bend the knees and sit hips back into a squat position (quads should be parallel with the ground). Rise up: on the way up, shift weight into one foot and kick the opposite foot straight out in front of you before returning to starting position. Alternate the kicking leg with each rep.

Alternating Bent-Over Dumbbell Row with Hold

Start by hinging at the hips. Keeping your weight distributed evenly in your feet while engaging your core, hold the dumbbells close to your body by drawing your elbows toward your hips (making a 90 degree angle with the elbows). Slowly lower one dumbbell at a time towards the floor (holding the other close to your body), and then draw it back to the starting position before switching sides.

Punching Jacks

Think of this as “The Kickboxing Jumping Jack!” Start with feet together and closed fists close to your chest. Jump your feet out into a squat and punch one hand directly out in front of you, while keeping the other hand close to your chest before jumping your feet back together. Alternate your punching arm with each rep.

Squat to Knee-Up 

Start in a neutral position with your feet hip to shoulder-width apart. Squat down, then come back up, and as you do so, draw one knee in toward your chest (like a kicking motion, without the “kick”). Alternate your knee up with each rep.

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