There are myriad reasons why massage is so beneficial for the body (and mind) post-workout. Aside from how plain great it feels and the relaxation benefit—pretty sure we all could use some mandatory relaxation in our hectic lives, especially after a hard-hitting training sesh—massage is excellent for:

• Improving sleep
• Releasing toxins
• Maintaining healthy muscles
• Promoting blood circulation

Sleep Soundly

A massage post-workout can actually help you get better z’s come bedtime. Massage is not only an incredible way to relax and wind down after a hard training session, it helps to release serotonin—a precursor to melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for a great sleep.


OSIM uCozy X-Sports

This 3D ergonomic kneading massager is easy to carry everywhere. Use it at home or even in the car en route from the gym. Not to mention, there’s a heat feature perfect for keeping you toasty warm during frigid months. OSIM uCozy X-Sports is also your best buddy warm you up before the game and to enforce sports recovery after. Not only OSIM uCozy X-Sports can be used for shoulders massage, but also to relax any parts of your body.

Tackle Toxins

It’s well known that massage helps to eliminate waste from your muscles and internal organs, providing relief from headaches, muscle soreness and pain, and fatigue—massage does this by improving circulation and venous return (aka, blood flow back to the heart).


OSIM uMist Aroma

An essential-oil-friendly ultrasonic humidifier that sets the stage for a more comfortable and relaxing environment for massage. Not only OSIM uMist Aroma restores the optimal humidity level, its multi-color lights helps you create the perfect relaxing ambience for you to unwind better.

Muscle Up

Massage helps your muscles to recover so that you can hit the gym again sooner (make sure you get adequate rest and recovery still) with less or no muscle soreness. Make the most of every training session and maintain healthy muscles, with massage.


OSIM uLove 2

A premium full-body Shiatsu massage chair. Yes, that’s right: heaven on Earth, unlocked. Plus, it’s a patented V-hand and 4-hand massage chair, because four hands are better than two! Powered by AI massage technology, you are able to indulge yourselves in the customized massage programs to double the relaxation.

Under Pressure

Massage also improves blood circulation throughout the entire body. One of the main benefits of improved blood circulation is reduced blood pressure in the long run. A relaxing massage + health benefits. Now that’s a win-win.


OSIM uDivine V

A massage chair capable of giving a precisely targeted massage perfect for alleviating stress, fatigue, and improving blood flow to specific areas of the body. Powered by patented V-grip 720' roller ball technology and 4 Hand massage, OSIM delivers the most realistic massage possible on a massage chair.

Don’t overlook post-workout massage as one essential element of your training and recovery program. Get it in, and reap the rewards. For everything else you knead for a fabulous massage, visit

After all, you may not always have a chance to visit your favourite practitioner, but you can always keep some tools on hand to help, when you don’t have any (extra hands, that is).

Stephanie Kewin
Stephanie is a health and fitness writer and copy editor living in Cambridge, Ontario. Follow her on Instagram at @stephaniekewincopywriting.