The clean is considered one of the kings of Olympic lifts. It requires brute strength, speed and coordination to execute it properly and safely.

Just like we did when breaking down the Power Snatch, it is best to break down the Clean & Press into the key positions involved in the lift before linking them together into a fluid motion. You should see a lot of similarities between the Power Snatch mechanics and the Power Clean mechanics.


Position One: The Start

•Stand behind an Olympic barbell with toes under the bar. Your heels should be hip-width apart and have your toes pointing straight ahead at 12 o’clock.

•Squat down and grasp the bar with straight arms, using a slightly wider than shoulder width, overhand grip.

•Position your shoulders in front of the bar so the bar is close to your body. Maintain a strong curve in the lumbar spine.


Position Two: The Pick Up

•The “pick-up” refers to the act of moving the bar from the ground to the knees.

•In a controlled tempo, pull the bar from the ground, keeping the arms straight and back arched.

•If done properly, the angle of your torso will remain the same from the ground to when the bar reaches the knees.


Position Three: The Extension

•As the bar passes your knees, fully extend your ankles, knees and hips to generate maximum bar speed and height.

•The bar should travel in a straight line up the body, making contact slightly below the hipbone.



Position Four: The Catch

•Jump off the ground, shrugging your shoulders and bending your arms to bring the bar upwards.

•When the bar reaches the highest point, pull your body underneath, while swinging your elbows forward until you catch the bar in a front squat position.

•Once the bar is caught, it should be on top of the clavicle with the elbows held up high.

•Stand up while maintaining a high elbow position.


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