Your core is constantly on the clock, stabilizing your body during squats, sprints and even bicep curls. It’s no wonder it adapts easily to traditional abdominal exercises that don’t use extra weight and require minimal range of motion. So if your abs training has hit a stalemate, it’s time to enlist advanced exercises that will challenge your core like never before—and we’ve got just the routine. We borrowed these seven killer moves from fitness megastar, Bella Falconi. Try them out for a few weeks to improve your core strength and carve crop-top worthy abs.


Perform 3 sets of 15 reps of each of the following exercises (excluding the “super advanced” move, which is held for time). Rest a maximum of 60 seconds between sets.

SB Knee Tuck

Setup: Get into a plank position with your feet on a stability ball, laces down. Keep your hands directly under your shoulders and tighten your abs to help stabilize you.
Action: Contracting your lower abdominals, bend your knees and pull the ball toward your body using your feet. Hold for a breath, then extend your legs back behind you.

Kettlebell Side Bend

Setup: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell in your right hand down at your side; place your left hand on your hip and engage your core.
Action: Bending to the side at the hips, lower the kettlebell down towards the floor slowly, then squeeze your left side as you return to the starting position. Repeat all reps on this side, then repeat on the left.

Standing Plate Twist

Setup: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a weight plate with both arms extended in front of you.
Action: Keep your shoulders relaxed as you twist your torso to the right until you feel a stretch on the opposite side, then twist to the other side. Perform all reps on both sides.

Jackknife Crunch

Setup: Sit at the end of a flat bench and let your legs hang over the front with your legs extended in front of you; grip the sides of the bench for support.
Action: Bend at the waist and tuck your knees into your chest (so you are balancing on your butt). Extend your legs straight out in front of you, leaning back slightly, maintaining tension in your abs. Repeat for all reps.

Ball pass workout move

Ball Pass

Setup: Lie face-up on the floor with a stability ball between your feet. Extend your arms overhead.
Action: Simultaneously lift your legs and arms toward one another; passing the ball from your feet to your hands. Lower your body back down without losing tension. Repeat, passing the ball back and forth.

SB Pullover to Crunch

Setup: Holding a dumbbell with both hands, lie face-up with a stability ball supporting your middle back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms above your head.
Action: Keeping your arms straight, crunch all the way up, bringing the dumbbell straight out in front of you. Slowly lower back to the starting position with control.

Setup: Lie on a flat bench, gripping the sides firmly for support near your head; your legs should be extended, parallel to the floor, and your core fully engaged.
Action: Raise your legs slowly up to 90-degrees, until you are almost balancing on your upper back. Your lower back should not be touching the bench. Tip: Do not put too much weight on your neck.

Did you know?

“The Dragonfly” was made famous by the late and great martial artist, Bruce Lee. It’s extremely difficult, so if you’re not up for the challenge yet, best leave this one to the pros.

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