Get a competitive edge on the racecourse this season with our expert-created 8-week training program for your best 10K ever.
For anyone who’s into short-distance running, the thrill of the 10K race can be addictive. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with standing among the swarm of runners packed at the starting line, hearing the cheers from the crowds as you pass by and knowing that after approximately 60 minutes, you’ll be wearing your medal and snacking on a post-race banana while the marathoners have another brutal three hours to go.
So if the 10K is your comfort zone, why not make this race season your best ever? This 8-week training program created by seasoned road racer and conditioning coach Jon-Erik Kawamoto, is designed to help you find your stride at a faster pace. Print out the chart, commit to the training, and you’ll have no problem setting new PRs on the course this season. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even tear some tape at the finish line.

Get with the Program

• Follow this program in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular strength training workouts.
• On strength training days, use heavier weight and keep the rep range around 5 or less, to elicit
strength gains.
• Do not train on rest days. Your body will need the time to repair.
• If you are not already comfortable running 10K, follow this program twice, for a total of 16 weeks. Decrease the mileage by half the first time through.
• Do not go over 70-75% of your max heart rate.
• Using a heart rate monitor will help you find your optimal pace.
running workout chart
Program by Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSc, CSCS, Founder of  | Text by Kirstyn Brown
Photography by Paul Buceta  | Models Annette Milbers & Tiffani Lee Chase
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