Routine by Rachel Davis-Hamilton and Midori Rutledge  |  Photography by Paul Buceta

If you love training with sprints then you know it’s imperative to prepare your body before carving up the clay. A solid warm-up of dynamic movements limbers up your muscles, joints and ligaments, reducing your risk of injury. It also gets your heart rate up so you aren’t going into this intense method of training completely cold.

Follow this warm-up routine and be sure to watch the video demonstrations!

Lateral Leg Swing: 2 sets* x 15 reps

Lineal Leg Swing:  2 sets* x 15reps

• High Knees: 2-3 sets x20 Meters
• Butt Kicks: 2-3 sets x20 Meters
• A Skips: 2-3 sets x20 Meters

• B Skips: 2-3 sets x20 Meters
• Traveling Jump Squat: 2-3 sets x10 Meters
• Jog: 1 lap (optional)

*If you do not feel adequately warm, add an extra set.