If the idea of training hardcore at home sounds like an oxymoron, then you’ve never tried a living room routine like this one.

When you’re crunched for time you can still get in a crazy workout without leaving the house. All you need are two sets of dumbbells: a light to moderate pair, and a heavier pair. If you don’t own your own dumbbells, don’t worry. This circuit routine is so killer, you could skip the weights altogether and still work up a serious sweat.


In this routine, you’ll switch up the heavier weights and lower rep range that you usually use in the gym for lighter weights and higher reps—much higher. This swap transforms your muscle building lower body workout into a fat-blasting metabolic workout.


Have two sets of dumbbells nearby (such as a pair of 10-12 lbs and a pair of 15-20 lbs). Perform each exercise once with little to no rest between sets. After you have completed each exercise, rest for two minutes, then repeat the entire workout.

NEWBIES: Do two rounds of the circuit.

INTERMEDIATE TRAINERS: Do three rounds of the circuit.

THINK YOU’RE AN ATHLETE? Do four to five rounds of the circuit.




Set up: Stand holding the lighter set of dumbbells in front of your shoulders with elbows pointing forward (A).

Action: Keeping your torso facing forward and bodyweight centered, take a big step laterally with your left leg and lower into a lunge (B). Push off your left foot and bring it back to center, then immediately repeat on the other side.



REPS: 25

Set up: Hold one of the heavier dumbbells in both hands between your legs with arms extended downwards.  Take a very wide stance with toes pointing out slightly on a 45 degree angle (A).

Action: Squat as low as you can while maintaining a positive arch in the spine. Do not let your tailbone tuck under (B). At the bottom of the movement, squeeze your glutes and pulse up and down for one rep (C), then return to standing.



REPS: 25 per side

Set up: Holding the lighter set of dumbbells, extend your arms straight overhead with palms facing each other, and lock out your elbows. Keep your shoulders down, try not to let them come up by your ears (A).

Action: Step forward with one foot and lower into a deep lunge, keeping arms straight overhead (B). Press through your front heel to come up to standing, bringing your back foot to meet the front. Immediately step forward with the other foot and repeat. If you have limited space to complete all the reps, go back and forth instead of continuing to walk forward.



REPS: 15-25 per side

Set up: Holding the lighter set of dumbbells down at your sides, step forward with your right foot and lower into a lunge position with your torso upright and core strong.

Action: Keeping the dumbbells at your side, explode upwards. Switch your feet in the air so that your right foot goes back and your left foot comes forward, and immediately lower into a lunge as you land.



HOLD FOR: 45-60 seconds

Set up: Grab the heavier set of dumbbells, holding them down at your sides and stand with feet hip-width apart. Toes should be pointing forward.

Action: Lower into a squat, pushing your hips back and down, as if you were sitting in a low chair, and hold.

MAKE IT ADVANCED: Place weight plates or dumbbells under your heels to really activate your glutes in this move. Just make sure you’re on a carpet or nonslip surface.

*Rest for two minutes, then repeat the entire workout.

Workout by Rita Catolino, Fitness Expert and Transformation Coach
Model: Lisa Bridge | Photos by Paul Buceta

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