As a STRONGCAMP Ambassador, I get to share my passion for a healthy and balanced approach to fitness with a group of like-minded women looking to make an impact on the world and in their lives. For three days at STRONGCAMP, we push ourselves to new limits and discover what we are truly capable of. That’s why we call it, “Finding Your Strong.”
In my career as a coach and competitor I have found that Stage Presence is where I’m able to make the greatest impact not only on the judges but also in my life, but here is the reality: No matter how hard you’ve worked, if you don’t present well, you may not get noticed.

Here are 5 tips to help you find your Winning Presence on stage!

1. Mindset. Believe in yourself. Doing a competition is a BIG goal— congratulations on accepting that challenge! The most important advice, in my opinion, is believing that you CAN do it. Visualization is a good tool to utilize.
2. Have a plan. I would advise hiring a posing coach. Do your research to find someone who has both a good track record as a competitor, and has had success with their clients. Choose someone who is easy to communicate with, who answers your questions, and knows the division you’re competing in.
3. Practice. Work on being comfortable in your shoes, and get comfortable with walking, posing, and transitions. Walking on stage shouldn’t be the first time you put on your competition heels. You could have the best physique on stage, but if you haven’t taken the time to practice, you are doing yourself a disservice.
4. Comparison. You don’t do this for anyone else. Remember that you are challenging yourself with a goal. Everyone comes from a different place, and competes for different reasons. You are beautiful, just the way that you are, regardless of your body fat percentage, the price of your suit, or your placing.
5. Have fun! This is a proud accomplishment! Enjoy the journey, because the show is over in a flash. Though you may have had the help of a trainer, coach, or others, you were the one that put in the work. So be sure to celebrate and be proud.
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