Written by Victoria Scott, Fitness Expert, Founder Sixpack Chick Fitness, Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Fitness World Champion 35+

Those of you who follow me on social media know May was a big month for me as I hit the 4-0 milestone birthday. This got me to reflect on my last 20 birthdays as an adult and ask myself ‘what did I expect my 40th to look like?’

Being that my birth month corresponds with the introduction of warmer weather and summer swimwear, my birthday has historically included a plan to “get that bikini bod” as quickly as possible. This brought both enthusiasm because I had a new goal and anxiety because I struggled with this same weight loss year after year. In my 20s and into my early 30s, I crashed and burned epically. I could never get it together for longer than a few weeks before falling off track.

But as I got further into my 30s I started to dial in my habits better. Not just during a dieting phase (like many women, I was really good at dieting lol). What I learned to master was the other nine months of the year when I wasn’t dieting… when I was travelling, enjoying summer vacation, holidays, and living life.

The piece I was missing was the diet after the diet.. LIFESTYLE. I wanted to have sustainable habits, and an approach to nutrition and training to be healthy and fit year round.

I was tired of the extremes and I was tired of stressing out when summer arrived. So my goal was really simple… To have a lifestyle where I never felt like I needed to diet as my birthday approached each year. I certainly didn’t want to continue that pattern into my 40s and beyond.

That was the ultimate birthday gift to give myself. I’ve been investing in this part of my life for many years and I can say how freeing it is to already be in my best shape stepping into this next decade. 

This season is not a hurdle, but an opportunity to explore new foods, activities, and wellness routines.


This guide is designed to celebrate and support your journey, as we approach the summer months. I wanted to share with you some very practical lifestyle tips to mastering your summer fitness. 

1. Nutrition First

Finding healthy food options can be daunting, especially during vacations or summer gatherings. Embrace advanced meal preparation focusing on portable, high-protein, and fiber-rich foods.

Healthy Swap: Opt for quinoa salads, grilled veggies, and lean proteins like chicken or fish instead of traditional picnic foods.

2. Integrating Exercise into Travel

Keeping up with an exercise routine while on the go is tough. Incorporate physical activities that enhance your travel experiences, such as hiking, swimming, or local walking tours.

Healthy Swap: Instead of heading straight for the all-you can-eat brunch buffet in the morning, choose a morning beach walk or local yoga class or even hit the hotel gym for a quick circuit. Get it done first thing so it doesn’t get skipped!

3. Hydration Hacks

The summer heat and tempting cocktails can dehydrate you quickly. Make sure to drink at least one liter of water every morning before consuming any food or beverage.

Healthy Swap: Ditch the sugary mixers and swap them with your favorite flavor of EEAs with your liquor of choice for a low-calorie adult beverage (my favorite EAAs are from Raw Nutrition, use my code sixpackchick to get 15% off).

4. Smart Snacking

Avoiding high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks at social events is a struggle. Carry your own healthy snacks, concentrating on nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits.

Healthy Swap: Exchange chips and dip for veggies and hummus or dips based on Greek yogurt.

5. Finding Your Fitness Tribe

Maintaining exercise motivation during the busy summer months can be challenging. Join a fitness group or class for regular meetings, accountability, and social enjoyment.

Healthy Swap: Swap solitary gym sessions for group outdoor workouts, plan a gym date, or family bike rides.

Making It Work 

Integrating fitness into a busy summer schedule is about finding balance and not feeling overwhelmed. Setting realistic goals and celebrating small victories are key strategies for success.

Staying on track with nutrition and fitness through the summer is entirely feasible with preparation and smart choices. This season is not a hurdle but an opportunity to explore new foods, activities, and wellness routines. 

Remember whether you are in midlife and at the beginning stages of your fitness journey or you’re looking to have more balance in your life, what you want is ACHIEVEABLE.

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