Nathania Stambouli, the founder of Yogi Flight School, knows exactly what it feels like to fall flat on your face. After years of learning, the go-getting phenomenon has bent over backward to help aspiring yoga ninjas nail their arm balances and inversions for good. All you have to do is show up for the arm balance and inversion program that's bending boundaries, commit, and believe you can achieve and defeat the impossible.

Watch, this is the year you will start doing yoga or perhaps up-level in more ways than one, for real this time. You may as well join the 40 million-plus Americans who have taken up this beautiful practice, connecting yourself with a millennia-old tradition that tells us to "flush out those nasty toxins.”

Whatever the promise, finding yourself in a space where you belong, and having fun while doing it, should be what life is all about. So, if you find yourself scrolling through social media and seeing incredible people chilling out in an eight-angle pose, it's time to recognize that those people have nothing you don't, other than a willingness to break through their boundaries.

From what we already know, studies show yoga can improve several health and well-being factors, like flexibility and preventing and treating back pain. Not to mention, it lowers inflammation in the body, which has been linked to serious issues like cardiovascular disease and more. 

But what about taking yoga, or yogi, one stretch further?

Seeing what we believe to be completely "unachievable", that’s something unheard of in the limit-defying Yogi Flight School. The online academy, run by ambitious founder Nathania Stambouli, has made it her mission to empower anyone interested in conquering arm balances and inversions to fly. From poses like the crow, feathered peacock, or hurdler's pose, anything is achievable if we are willing to put down our self-limiting beliefs. 

However, be prepared because this school offers no ordinary yoga class. This platform is a space where mentors turned lifelong friends like Stambouli are looking to invite yogi enthusiasts or curious bystanders to stand on their hands and be upside down. The difference, you ask? There are no rules. 

Here, no one is too light, too heavy, too old, or too much of a beginner to fly the poses you have coveted since the first time you saw them in a yoga class or on your social media feed. No matter your shape, size, or age, achieving any of these ninja tricks is possible, and it all starts with you

Contrary to the belief, arm balances and inversions are not about strength and flexibility but your mindset and mechanics. 

“In the beginning, I was that girl getting mad at myself because I couldn't do a handstand. And it showed me where I was doing that all over my life—being angry with myself because I couldn't achieve an arbitrary goal. It taught me just to keep showing up and fall in love with the practice of conquering my fears and not giving up," explains Stambouli.

Breaking the rules and bending boundaries are all things that Stambouli believes are a blueprint for living—a lesson you learn powerfully once you find yourself in a pose you once thought was impossible. After seeing a jaw-dropping moment online of an individual in a “pretzel hold,” the challenge of practicing something so unique inspired her to make a change in her story.

In the wake of leaving her six-figure career for one that would ultimately fulfill her dreams, Stambouli took on teaching yoga as her next most marvelous adventure. Now, she guides others to reach their full potential through learning arm balances. You see, breaking through that noise of negativity on your yoga mat allows you to break through that same noise for the rest of your life. How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Yogi Flight School recognizes that when you become capable of something on your yoga mat that you deemed "impossible," it has incredible ramifications for the rest of your life. Here, arm balances and inversions act as a metaphor for thriving in the world. “It is about showing up for yourself, being committed to your vision but unattached to the result, believing in yourself and challenging your limiting beliefs,” explains Stambouli.

Performing incredible movements with your body is like a mirror of your life. No one needs to learn how to do a handstand, but it teaches you about patience, perseverance, kindness to yourself, dedication, non-attachment, and freedom.

These practices allow for a “tangible way to work on all these things.” Today Stambouli’s bold energy is transforming thousands of people online. Through her fun-in-the-sun yoga, fitness, and adventure retreats, she aims to guide us on how to defy gravity and launch into any pose with ease. 

“We also take our mindset development and personal transformation work on vacation to gorgeous locations worldwide where people join us for yoga, arm balances, workouts, and adventure in the wild,” shares Stambouli.

Another sky-high opportunity rises within her 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training courses, which certify brand new yoga teachers and existing yoga teachers' education so they can go on to create impactful yoga careers for themselves. 

“We are a life transformation program wrapped up in a yoga ninja package. I set out to teach people how to do handstands, and it’s always been a lot deeper than that. Every day, I’m in awe of our students who go from 'I can't do that' to 'standing on my head helps me conquer my anxiety about other things in my life’," says Stambouli. 

Begin your ninja transformation comfortably by embracing who you are and believing that you can. With a fiery force like Nathania Stambouli guiding you to greatness, expect significant changes in one hour by working together.

Grab a mat, get yourself comfy, and head to the Yogi Flight School to go from a face-planting “there is no way” to a “hell yeah, I got this” attitude, and embrace what it means to fly. Skyrocket your arm and inversion practice by signing up for a free arm balance training that teaches you principles you've never heard anywhere else.

You can also follow them on Instagram for daily yoga tips and inspiration @yogiflightschool

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