Now you can test drive a full week of our One-Month Challenge, for free!

If a 100-burpee workout whets your appetite for a challenge, this program is for you.
We’ve teamed up with two trainers whose combined knowledge and innovative training styles spawn a level of intensity that borders on ridiculous. They’ve designed this advanced 31-day program exclusively for STRONG that will not only put your body to the test, but is also incredibly effective at carving out lean muscle and scorching fat, while improving functional strength and endurance. In a nutshell: survive the month and you’ll come out fitter than you’ve ever been.

How it works:
Mix of styles

This program borrows from a number of time-honored training philosophies, from old-school bodybuilding and Olympic lifting to high intensity intervals and functional fitness techniques. The purpose of incorporating several styles is to improve multiple areas of fitness; primarily muscular conditioning, cardiovascular endurance and strength, as well as balance, stability and mobility.

High reps

You’ll notice that some workouts require an abnormally high rep range (no, it’s not a typo, that says “100 burpees”). The benefit of super high reps is to increase your muscular endurance and conditioning in a short period of time. When aiming for high reps, try to take as few rests as possible to build your endurance.

Before You Begin:
  1. Get the thumbs-up from your doctor or medical professional.
  2. Read through the entire workout to make sure you are familiar with the moves and equipment.
  3. Do the Assessment a few days before starting the Challenge. Record your measurements and fit test results in the downloadable Fit Test assessment  form below.
  4. Load up your kitchen with healthy eats and snacks. You’re only as good as the food you eat.
When You’re Ready:
  1. Click the link below to download the first week of exercise. Start the program on Day 1 and follow the workout instructions for each day.
  2. Take the rest days. You can swap rest days with workout days to suit your schedule, but never skip them all together.
  3. For maximum results, it is not advised you skip workouts. But if you’re ill or injured, take the time to recover.
  4. If you ever feel unusual pain or discomfort during an exercise, stop doing the exercise immediately. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Once you’ve tried out the seven-day sample program, follow the link to purchase the entire program in our first digital Training Guide. Not only will you get the full one-month program, but you’ll get nutrition articles, a speedy High Intensity Interval workout, motivating columns, and more.

Why are you still sitting there? Download the program and join the STRONG movement.

Week ONE Download
Take the fit test
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