Routine by Melissa Scanlan-Duncan & Jennifer Carbone CF Level 1; Modeled by Melissa Scanlan-Duncan | Photography by Audra Oden

Are you looking for an advanced workout to take your fitness to the next level? Kettlebells can provide the challenge and novelty you could be looking for. Kettlebells develop muscular endurance, and depending on the movement being utilized, produce an anaerobic or aerobic workout. These movements can be done in the gym or at home and require only the use of one or two kettlebells. For the woman who feels proficient in the use of the kettlebells, a recommended starting weight would be around 16 kg.  For those less comfortable, 8 kg would be a sufficient starter weight.

Plyo Push-Up

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 4 (each side)

Get into push-up position with a kettlebell in one hand. Perform a push-up, then switch hands. Perform another push-up. Repeat for all reps, striving for a fluid motion.

Clean and Push Press

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 10

Hold a kettlebell in each hand with an overhand grip. To perform a “clean,” swing them down between your legs. As they swing upwards, bend your arms and rotate your wrists, pulling them into a racked position in front of your shoulders with elbows bent. Bend your knees slightly, then punch the kettlebells overhead. Reverse the motion and immediately repeat.

Overhead Carry

SETS: 4 (2 sets each side)  |  REPS: 50 Meters

Hold a single kettlebell in one hand and press it overhead, fully locking out the shoulder and elbow, allowing the kettlebell to rest on the back of the wrist with the palm facing forward. Maintaining a neutral spine and bracing the core, begin to take forward, controlled steps, focusing on maintaining the lockout position overhead. Walk 50 meters, then switch arms and repeat on the other side.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 10

Standing with the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, use both hands to hold the kettlebell, bell side up, by the handles, with palms facing in. Keeping the shoulders pulled back and chest up tall, send the hips back and perform a squat ensuring the knees track over toes. Extend your legs to return to standing, then repeat.

Kettlebell Rockers 

SETS: 4  |  REPS 10-15

Lower into a quarter squat with the hips back and the chest tall, holding a kettlebell in each hand at your sides. Swing the weights forward and rock your weight in the heels; as the bells swing back, the weight moves to the toes. Continue for all reps.

Kettlebell Lunge to Overhead Triceps Press

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 10 (each side)

Hold the kettlebell by the handle with the bell side up. Take a big step forward into a lunge, simultaneously raising the kettlebell overhead and lowering it behind your head. Elbows should stay close to your ears. Slowly return to the standing position, returning the kettlebell to the front of the body. Repeat with the other leg.

Single-Hand Swing Switch

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 15 (each side)

With the kettlebell in one hand, swing it down between your legs. Thrust your hips forward by squeezing the glutes and lifting the chest to swing the kettlebell up to shoulder level. As it reaches shoulder level, grab it with the opposite hand and repeat the swing. That’s one rep. Continue alternating hands for all reps.

Double Kettlebell Swing

SETS: 4  |  REPS: 15

Hold a kettlebell in each hand and push the hips back to simultaneously swing them between the legs. As the bells move past the knees and the forearms touch the inner thighs, explosively thrust your hips forward and extend your legs to raise them up in front of you to shoulder height. Lower back down and repeat for all reps.

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