Fat Burner Workout

Workout by Amanda Kotel, B.Sc Exercise Science, online nutrition and fitness coach, Los Angeles, CA
Photography by Paul Buceta

Crank up your metabolism and build core stability by combining HIIT with total-body exercises.

Get ready to sweat while your core trembles! This double whammy routine gets your heart pumping while boosting stability in your abs, back and glutes. There’s no time for gym selfies in this routine—get ready to work hard if you want to reap the rewards.

Complete 5 rounds of the following circuit, resting for a maximum of 10-15 seconds between exercises, and 60 seconds between circuits.

The focus here is to engage your core and legs; you’ll be feeling your glutes, abs, shoulders, back and legs. Since this routine engages your entire body, you will raise your metabolism for hours.


Fat burning and increased metabolism with a side of core stability.

Box Jump

Box Jumps

Reps: 15
Set Up:
Stand facing a box or bench, approximately a foot away.
Action: Bend your knees and bring your arms back, then explode off the ground, swinging your arms for momentum, landing on the box with soft knees. Step down to the starting position and repeat. 

Medicine Ball Plank

Medicine Ball Plank Shuffle

Reps: 10 per side
Set Up: Get into high plank position with your right hand on a medicine ball and the left hand on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart (A).
Action: Roll the ball to the center and bring your hand from the floor to the ball so both palms are on the ball (B), then bring your right hand to the floor and roll the ball to the left, then back to center, switch hands, and repeat. Continue alternating sides for all reps. 

Ball Slam

Medicine Ball Slam

Reps: 15
Set Up: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a medicine ball with both hands.
Action: Raise the ball straight over head (A), extending your entire body, then explosively throw it into the ground as hard as you can (B). Catch it as it bounces or squat down to pick it up, then repeat. 

Single-Legged Deadlift Hop

Single-Legged Deadlift Hop

Reps: 15 per side
Set up:
Stand with feet together, arms at your side. Shift your weight onto your right foot and lift your left foot off the floor.
Action: Raise your arms and explode off your standing leg (A). When you land, tilt forward, extending your left leg straight behind you until it is parallel to the ground (B). Swing your leg forward to come up to standing and immediately repeat. Complete all reps, switch legs, and repeat. 

Medicine Ball Diagonal Chop

Medicine Ball Diagonal Chop

Reps: 10 per side
Set Up: Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball with both hands.
Action: Pivot and raise the ball over your right shoulder (A), then rotate to the opposite direction and bring the ball down near your left foot (B). Repeat. Complete all reps, switch sides, and repeat. Reps: 10 per side

Lateral Bound

Lateral Bound

Reps: 10 per side
Set Up: In a neutral stance with hands on hips, shift your weight into one leg and bend your knee to prepare to jump sideways.
Action: Lift your free foot and jump as far as you can to the side. Bound back to the other side with your opposite leg now leading the action. Continue bounding back and forth.

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