Written by Julia Reiss   Photo by Vernon S Davis

Age: 39    Hometown: Baltimore, MD   Gig: Women’s Fitness Coach and Movie Actor 
Follow her: @therealshikanicole

The journey to becoming fit isn’t always about losing weight. As a teen, Shika was bullied because of her "too-slim" frame and often compared herself to the curvier women she’d see on social media. Feeling that she would never reach her goal of a stronger, curvier body, Shika wanted to give up on fitness altogether, but the encouragement of a personal trainer helped change her mindset. Shika soon realized the benefits of hitting the gym went far beyond physical: "Dedication and determination in the gym has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life," she says. Shika’s commitment to her goals has paid off—besides being a successful women’s fitness coach, she has appeared in movies for HBO and BET networks.

“Determination in the gym has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life.”

Most importantly, she’s a strong positive role model for her teenage son. Shika is committed to supporting women as they fight against body shaming and the negative influences of social media. How does she help motivate women to become the best versions of themselves? By learning how to put themselves first. “I help women regain the ability to provide self-love by putting in the time to actually be selfish,” she says.

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